Take A Trip With Me! Please?

  1. First off I would bring some sort of music. As long as I have music I should be ok. If I had time to plan accordingly I would bring the internet and an internet radio with a solar panel to run it. If I had two seconds before I mysteriously get plopped onto the island I’d bring the flute I made.
  2. Toilet paper. Self-explanatory!
  3. I’d bring someone to talk too preferably a woman because then I would be the last man on the island and there is no excuse after that! I don’t want to end up talking to a volleyball named Wilson.
  4. I’d have to bring coffee. I like coffee to much not to bring it. Never mind the caffeine headaches the first days, which reminds me…..
  5. I’d have to bring ibuprofen because pain sucks! I’d rather be a miserable prick because I have no food than be a miserable prick in pain and have no food.

Damn that’s it huh? Man that’s a tough pill to swallow – five things just like that.


DP – Five Items

17 thoughts on “Take A Trip With Me! Please?

  1. Haha! Internet was one of my first thoughts, but then I considered the viability and figured BT would probably want to charge for installation and take 4-6 week to complete. I could have made a raft and escape by then. Probably.

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